Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bahia Art Tote Bags and Handmade tiles

This project was fun !!! Visiting "days gone by" and the "good old days" .  It is very satisfying to create and put your ideas on a blank canvas, literally ... my latest, the two tote bags posted below.  More exclusive bags in the process.  I only make one of each, never to be repeated.  I see Bahia Art handbags as art pieces for just that reason .... only one of each available. 

I also have a big screening day tomorrow.  My handmade tiles are a slow but very soul enriching experience.  I always believe that a small piece of me goes into every creation I make and thus a loving extention which I gladly part with in order to make some creative soul a little richer for using my work.  I will post some tiles as soon as they are done.

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